Sometimes, you can have a problem that “eats you up” from the inside. It could be a symptom, a thought, a feeling, or something else that constantly demands attention. Often, such things are accompanied by unpleasant emotions: sadness, anxiety, fear, bitterness, anger, shame, guilt… You may have talked to your partner or another loved one. Or perhaps you’ve turned to the doctor at the Primary Care Center, a priest, or a colleague. You may have experienced some relief in the moment, but then it starts again.

Maybe you’ve already gone through these stages. If you sought out your doctor at the Primary Care Center, you may have received a diagnosis, a prescription, or a referral to another professional. But now you may be seeking a new perspective on your concerns or a new approach to how to deal with them. In such a situation, you are welcome to contact me. We sit down and talk. I listen to you with many “ears.” One ear is turned towards your symptoms: do they want to express something you carry inside but don’t understand? Are they perhaps linked to some physical illness? Do they belong to a larger “cluster” where medication for a period of time could be the first aid? In any case, I will present my ideas and ways of looking at your concerns, and then we can discuss them together.

Sometimes it’s just one or two conversations, sometimes a slightly longer contact, sometimes a suggestion to continue in more detailed psychotherapy or I find it more appropriate to refer you to another form of treatment. The decision can never be made through a phone call. We need to sit down calmly and talk about it. That’s how I work in psychiatric consultations.