Nowadays I am associate professor at the Karolinska Institutet and affiliated to its Unit of Reproductive Health. I also work in private practice with psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychiatric consultations and, last but not least, with PIP, that is, Parent.Infant Psychotherapy. These are topics that are interesting me the most:

  • We know much about the links between problems in infancy and later non-optimal development. Yet, such issues are often neglected and not taken care of until important time has elapsed. How can we awaken the interest among politicians to devote more resources to qualified psychotherapeutic efforts for parents and infants?
  • Nurses and other groups working with families with babies need education and supervision to become more agile in observing “baby worries” and to talk with the parents about it. With Monica Hedenbro, Maria Borg and Margareta Hansson, all licensed therapists with lengthy parent-infant experience, we created the A Primo Foundation, which for several years provided courses in perinatal psychiatry at Karolinska Institutet and Maria Cederschiölds University.
  • A clinical project was financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. You can read more about it here. It is scientifically evaluated by doctoral student Katarina Kornaros, supervised by me and Professor Eva Nissen at the Unit of Reproductive Health.
  • What happens in PIP sessions? How can we develop the technique? I collaborate in a research project, linked the Anna Freud Centre in London. We, that is, Tessa Baradon, Keren Amiran, Evrinomy Avdi (Aristoteles University, Thessaloniki) and myself study the therapy process by minutely observing and interpreting video clips from therapy sessions.
  • Parent-infant psychotherapy poses deep and complex theoretical and clinical questions. You can find my writings on these topics here.